What kind of data do you need to collect at each booking?

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> Hi,
> I am creating a database for a web application. The idea for the
> is for a company administrator to be able to log into the site and
> staff to a project.
> Staff will be able to log in and update the status of the project they are
> working on and clients will be able to log in and book a member of staff
> to their own projects.
> Administrators will be able to add / edit / delete - staff / clients /
> projects.
> Here is my database diagram:
> http://www.mania.plus.com
> My problem is each different project will need to have different data
> collected for it at each booking. How could I handle this in the database
> model? The administrator would like to be able to edit the data collected
> for each project via the site...
> Any other comments on my database model would be appreciated as this is my
> weakest area of web development by far!

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