Hi Shantanu

To be honest you'd be far better off doing this manually, rather than using someone 
elses code - quite important bits and pieces of sql and db access logic which you'll 
need to learn, but ....

On 03 Apr,2003 at 20:18 Shantanu Oak wrote:

> the following code mentioned on the page, 
> $mysearch = new MysqlSearch; 
> $mysearch->setidentifier("MyPrimaryKey"); 
> $mysearch->settable("MyTable"); 
> $results_array = $mysearch->find($mysearchterms); 
> I am getting the text array() as a result. 

This is php telling you that the variable is of the array type, ie: it is a variable 
containing many indexed values.

BTW, have you changed the setidentifier() and settable() values to the correct ones 
for your db ?  (just checking).

> Can someone explain to me how to use it and get
> result.

A handy utility function is var_dump().  This will echo out the contents of any 
variable type.  So to display the contents of your $results_array variable you would 

echo "<pre>";

That'll show you the contents of the array and what its structure looks like.  
Displaying it in a controlled form is just a matter of finding out the structure of 
the array and looping through it using one of php's many many loop constructs / array 
access functions.  

Have a read about arrays on www.php.net - they are very useful once you get the hang 
of them ... ;-)

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