> I'm currently doing a select like statement. No problem with that. But
> no
> human being is perfect ;-) the input
> provided by the user is sometimes full of typing mistakes like
> informatoin,
> or informatin instead of information.
> I hope you know what I'm think about. Google offers you an alternative
> google thinks you misspelled.
> Now my question, what is an algorithm for finding out which input was
> actually meant? I know I'll have to split
> the string like first letter than last letter, than second first etc.
> there a better solution, like taking
> the middle? I've already put some thought in it, but I see no reason
> reinvent the wheel again. Has anybody
> any better ideas? I'm open to solutions.

Doing a search on google for "spelling suggestion algorithm" turned up a
few things. You may want to check them. You'll probably have to
implement an outside program. The only way from within PHP that I can
think of doing it is with soundex() and similar functions. I know MySQL
implements something similar within it, so you can search for words whos
"soundex" will match the "soundex" of the word the user supplied. 

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