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> Subject: [PHP-DB] variable within regular expression
> I have a php query form in which the user input must be converted to a
> regular expression before querying the db.  Something like this
> pseudo code:
>          $var = $_GET['usr-input'];
>          $var = '%$var%';
> SELECT * FROM table WHERE field LIKE $var.
> I can't find the right syntax to make this work.  Does anyone know?

I think maybe the single quotes don't interpolate the value of the variable.

In other words, let's say $var is 'fubar':

$var = '%$var%'; // -> is literally %$var%


$var = "%$var%"; // -> is %fubar%

Anyway, here's some of my code that is similar to (what I think) you're
trying to do:

if (isset($_GET['nstring'])) {
    $nstring = addslashes($_GET['nstring']);
    $squery = "SELECT * FROM lead
               WHERE name LIKE '%{$nstring}%'
               ORDER BY source, ref_by, date DESC";
    $sresult = mysql_query($squery);
} // etc...

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