First, this should probably be sent to the PHP general mailing list, not the PHP-DB one.

Does anyone know if there is a function in PHP that allows you to
right-click on an item, and from there a drop down menu pops up and you
can go to another screen, preserving that value that was clicked on?

No. PHP is server-side and what you are describing would be client-side. You might be able to do something like that in JavaScript but I have no idea myself.

If there is no function for right-clicking, then is there a way that
when you are selecting something, not on a form, but in a tree, that you
can get the value of what you clicked on into the PHP file?

If you make any element on a Web page a url, and make the url something like page.php?clickedon=this, then the PHP page that the user goes to would have a $clickedon ($_GET['clickedon']) variable.


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