Check out mysql manual, section 6.3.4 - Date and Time Functions, example

if($GET['week']) $condition .= "WEEK(date)='$_GET[week]' AND ";
if($GET['year']) $condition .= "YEAR(date)='$_GET[week]' AND ";
and so on
then use the condition:

$sql = "SELECT * FROM news WHERE $condition 1";

Davy Obdam wrote:

Hi people,

I would like to select news from my database bases on week/year and
How can i do this.. I would like to pass two arguments in the query
string, like news.php?week=14&year=2003 or news.php?month=3&year=2003.
Can anybody help me.. Thanks in advance. I have been looking at the
date() and mktime() functions, but is there anyway to determine the date
from a weeknumber? I have been using this:

$yr="2003"; $mnth="03"; $dy="31"; echo "base date: ".$yr."-".$mnth."-".$dy."<br />"; echo "last sunday: ".date("Y-m-d",
/>"; echo "next saturday: ".date("Y-m-d",
r />";

$sql = "SELECT * FROM news WHERE date>='$last_sunday' AND

But i would find it better to use a weeknumber instead

Best regards,

Davy Obdam - Networking4all
Webapplication developer

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