if you upgrade i'd say upgrade to 4.1 which provides the IN()-method which allows komplex subselects. But may be this is not a very good idea cause 4.1 is only alpha afaik


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Life would be easier if i knew the source code.

@06.06.03 [21:31] Chris Payne wrote:

Hi there everyone,

I run a server from a great company which gives everything you need from $99 a month (450 gigs bandwidth, PHP, MySQL, SSL etc ...)

Anyway, I currently run one of the latest builds of PHP but MySQL is only version 3.23.56 (Or something similar) - does anyone see any advantages of upgrading to 4.0 ? Will I need to recompile PHP to use MySQL 4? This kind of thing is new to me (Linux as I used to use Windows).

Thanks for everything.


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