Actually, what I am referring to is that whenever one of the Nigerian
scams comes through this list, someone's spam filter sends back an
email indicating that Spamassasin has determined that it's SPAM. But
I can't find any indication in the emails or headers that says where
the "notice" is coming from. The reason you're not seeing it is
because the spam filter is being so kind as to include THE ENTIRE
SPAM MESSAGE in the reply, and I assume your spam filter is taking
care if those as well.

--- Lester Caine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Does anyone know where these are coming from? I'm less disturbed
> by
> > the actual spam than the two or three followups that
> automatically
> > repost the same garbage to the list.
> I presume that you are refering to some junk that probably 
> would have appeared on my copy of the list - had they not 
> been 'Junked' by Mozilla.
> While the lists are open to anybody to join, we have to put 
> up with some crap. Until it becomes a criminal offence and 
> its worth us working out who to sue, we just have to put up 
> with it, and just throw it away. The problem is they are 
> getting better at being anoying :)
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