Hi Carol

I don't think you'll strike lucky here !!  PHP is a server-side, not client-side 
language and therefore doesn't know anything about the client's printer or its 
settings.  You can use PHP to create a page that is formatted nicely and will 
therefore print well.  There are also some IE specific CSS properties that you can use 
to control line breaks, etc. (These may be supported by other 6+ series browsers but 
I'm not sure).

As far as controlling the printer, you're out of luck.  You can use JavaScript to 
start the printing, so that people don't have to go via the menu, but again this isn't 
well supported in older 4.x series browsers.

If anyone knows different I'd be really interested to know about it, but I think 
you're out of luck!!  PHP is good, but it can't do the impossible (unless you have the 
php_do_impossible.so module installed!!).


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On 28 May,2003 at 14:03 carol carol wrote:

> Hy there,
> I have a problem...
> I have a linux server, apache, php, and mysql instaled. I can make all kind of 
> queries but I nedd to printed them (using the browser but not usig file->print->page 
> setup-.>.......) in a specified format (like A3, landscape, border=2cm, and all kind 
> of things like that... usin php)
> Could enyone help?
> Thanks!

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