I am using PHP 4.2.3  on a Window 2K Pro box with Service Pack 3 installed.
I am trying to access an MS Access 2000 database through the MS Access ODBC
driver.  When I try to write to a table, using an INSERT INTO command (see
below) I get the following error:

"Operation must use an updateable query"

The SQL statement that I am trying to odbc_exec is as follows:

INSERT INTO testtab ([user_name],[subject],[comment]) VALUES ('chad','test
data','Comment x')

This works when I run it as a query in MS Access, and I've been able to get
info from the database using "SELECT" statements.

I'm just not sure what the "Operation must us and updatable query" means.

I actually found the same error in the help files for MS Access and this is
what it says, but to me it is just as unintelligible as the message:
This error occurs when the current query's Update To row includes a field
from either a crosstab query or select query in which an aggregate (total)
was calculated for the field (using either the Totals row or a domain
function in the Field row). To update a field using the aggregate of another
field, calculate the aggregate in the update query itself, not a different

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