"Julian Mesa" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I can compile doing 2 modifications, but doesn't work.
> I've had 2 modifications to compile interbase module of php:
> 1)in ibase.h add
> #define ISC_FAR
> 2) Before configure
> export LIBS="-lstdc++ -lcrypt -lcrypto"
> configure ..... --with-interbase=shared,/usr/local/firebird
> Now compile without errors and appears in phpinfo, but when I use an
> ibase function in any page the server don't show the page and no
> there isn't any errors in php log nor apache log.
> Anybody has Firebird 1.5 an php working properly in linux?

Hi Julian,

may be you have already solved for you own, if so the following
could be helpful for everyone else who have such a problem.

I have just read a post form Edwin Pratomo having same problem with Perl
and he's right. Look in your syslog and you will find  +/- the same thing:

>Finally caught the culprit in the syslog:
>perl5.9.0: Missing configuration file: /home/edwin/bleedperl/firebird.conf,
exiting (No such file or directory)
>looking for firebird.conf in the wrong place.
>This seems to be a bug in 1.5 RC2, which is no longer exist in RC3.

we can enjoy Firebird-1.5rc2 with php  on Linux too ;)


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