Hello list,

I am having a problem with MD5().
Every time I try to use this function it seems to work, but I get the
same results.  Below is what I am trying to do.

        $pass = MD5('$password');

For every password that I store in the database I have found it is the
same string of characters no matter what the original $password is.  
$pass always = 243e61e9410a9f577d2d662c67025ee9

In other words, it looks like the MD5 function is working but not
correctly because it is calculating the hash, but is finding the same
hash for every string. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am new to the whole list process so if I do or say something wrong
please do not hate me.



Mike Calvelage
Webmaster / Sales Associate
Viper Systems

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