Sounds like ya wanna use a database that supports transactions, PostgreSQL
supports it.  I'm kinda new to this so I'd check it out but I think this
could be what yer after.


Graeme :)

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Reserve Username while Confirming Signup

> Hi All,
> I have a sign up page and when the user submit, it goes to a confirmation
page, before the person actually submits.
> The confirmation page stores the username and password in the Session
variable and the submit page stores it into the database by getting it from
the session. The rest of the information (eg. address) is resubmited via
hidden input type.
> The question is : I want to reserve the username for the person(say A)
while he/she is in the confirmation page and perhaps going back to edit some
stuff. What is the best way to do that?
> I tried putting it in my database in a Logintemp table. With the same
fields as the Login table. When the user submits, the Logintemp contents is
moved to the Login table.
> The problem is what if while A is staring at the screen the computer
hangs. How do I know if he/she closes the page altogether. I need to delete
the contents of Logintemp since it was not moved to Login.
> Is there any other better way to do this?
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