Sorry, the first email was unreadable, Here again!
<p>Does anyone know what DSN I must use to get connected to my MS Access database?</p>
<p> BUSINESS is my OBDC connection on Windows 2000 to my 
database. As PHP database type I use 'odbc'. </p>
<?php require_once('DB.php'); 

$dsn = "odbc:///BUSINESS"; 

$db = DB::connect($dsn); 

if (DB::isError($db)) { 
die ($db->getMessage()); 

I tried the following DSN, unfortunately with same result:
$dsn = "odbc:///BUSINESS"; $dsn = "odbc://localhost/BUSINESS"; $dsn = 
"odbc://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/BUSINESS"; $dsn = 
Any hints from you are very welcome, regards, bjoon 

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