hi again,
i use php/mysql with ISS server on windows xp professional
i have a script that works well on the web to view only 50 records per page, but when i use it on my local server i get this error in the page and it views the same 1st 50 records
the message in the page is "Notice: Undefined variable: first_rec in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\egycds\newpcgames.php on line 124"
and "Notice: Undefined variable: PHP_SELF in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\egycds\newpcgames.php on line 183

here is the code i am using
can anyone help me please?

<? @ $db = mysql_connect("localhost"); mysql_select_db("egycds"); $query = "SELECT gameid FROM newpcgames"; $result= mysql_query($query); $num_recs = mysql_num_rows($result); $first_rec = ($first_rec) ? $first_rec : 0; //if rec is passed in, use it, $max_rec = 50;

$test_tr = mysql_query("select * from newpcgames order by gameid desc LIMIT $first_rec,
while($record = mysql_fetch_array($test_tr))

echo "
<TR onmouseover=\"this.bgColor='000000'\" onmouseout=\"this.bgColor='475674'\" bgColor=#475674>

<TD width=75>
<DIV align=center><FONT
echo stripslashes($record['date']) ;
echo "</FONT></DIV></TD>
<TD width=90>
<DIV align=left><FONT color=white>";
echo stripslashes($record['type']) ;
echo "</FONT></DIV></TD>
<TD><FONT color=#ffffff><strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;<A
echo stripslashes($record['link']);
echo "\" target=_new2>";
echo stripslashes($record['name']);
echo "</A>&nbsp;&nbsp;</strong></FONT></TD>

<TD width=50>
                               <DIV align=left><FONT color=#ffffff>";
                               echo stripslashes($record['cds']);
                               echo "</FONT></DIV></TD> <TD width=80>
                               <DIV align=center><FONT color=#ffffff>";
                               echo stripslashes($record['rate']);
                               echo "</FONT></DIV></TD>

<TD width=70>
<DIV align=left><FONT color=#ffffff><A
echo stripslashes($record['downloaderlink']);
echo "\">";
echo stripslashes($record['downloader']);
echo "</A></FONT></DIV></TD>
<TD align=middle vAlign=center width=15><FONT

                                echo "</TBODY></TABLE><br><br><br>";
                              $next = $first_rec+50;
        $this_rec = $next; //same record number as current, except 1-based

if ($this_rec < $num_recs)
echo "<div align=center><font color=orange size=2><strong><a href='$PHP_SELF?first_rec=$next'>
<<<< Previuos </a></strong></font>";
echo "<div align=center>";

echo "<font color=orange size=2><strong>&nbsp; &nbsp; Showing $this_rec of $num_recs &nbsp; &nbsp; </strong></font></a>";

if ($prev_rec >= 0) //if record is 1, don't show the previous link
echo "<font color=orange size=2><strong><a href='$PHP_SELF?first_rec= $prev_rec'> Next >>>> </a>";


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