On Friday 30 May 2003 23:11, Ovaltine wrote:
> At some point you need to force users to upgrade.

In the case of javascript I don't think 'upgrade' is an issue here. The vast 
majority of browsers are certainly capable of executing javascript, rather 
the issue is the people who consciously choose to disable it (to get rid of 
pop-up ads, to prevent stupid websites from disabling your right-mouse 
button, and any number of other annoyances).

> As
> designer/programmer, it's almost impossible to design solutions for
> every situation. Is it really worth the time and effort to modify code
> for a user using godforsaken OS with little known limited functionaily
> browser? I say no as do some other major sites like ESPN.
> http://devedge.netscape.com/viewsource/2003/espn-interview/01/

I think you chose the wrong article to illustrate your point, because it does 
nothing to support your argument. They redesigned their website to look to 
the future when more and more browsers will be supporting CSS, DHTML etc.

In the case of javascript, I think I can safely say that as people are more 
internet-savvy the proportion of browsers which have it disabled by choice 
will increase.

> Development is a process. At one point, a decision has to be made as to
> the technical constraints of a site. In today's world it is completely
> realistic to force users to enable JavaScripting ...

In the context of PHP in general, if it can be done server-side do it 
server-side. Only rely on (if it can be relied upon!) javascript as a last 

And in the context of this thread in particular, the problem is ...

> > The scripts I need to run before I redirect automatically
> > send output to the browser.  I cannot alter these scripts.

... server-side and the solution is to alter the 'unalterable' scripts to 
prevent any output. It is better to solve the problem at the places where you 
have control (at the server) rather than pass the problem onto places where 
you have no control (the user's browser).

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