>u can install vmware (not freeware) on your windows
>machine and then 
>install linux as a virtual machine. it behaves just
>like a real 
>works fine for me!

Yup I am aware of this but would be much better under
Windows itself, saves mucking around than if it is
possible.  Which it is.  :)  

I downloaded yesturday a Windows version of mysql that
runs via DOS.  Works a wonderful.  Does exactly what I
want being offline.  Now I have can do all my PHP and
mysql work offline as I have all the tools now for it.
 including the PHP server side to display php offline

Thanks people for all your help in pointing me in the
right direction.  Mostly appreicated and I hope I can
help some of you in return sometime soon.

Now off to do my offline work. :)

Kind Regards,

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