I have a problem to add a new line to the body of my email when I am using
'<a href="mailto: ...>" function.

This is my code:

$details[email] //email of the user from the form
$details[contact_name] //name of the user from the form

$email_subject = "subject text...";

$email_form = "Welcome ".$details[contact_name].",%0D%0A%0D%0A";
$email_form .= "Thank you for registering with ....";

ct."' class='darkblue'>Send the email</a>

I am not sending the email with details from a form automatically because of
a request of my client that wants to be able to add an additional text for a
user if needed.

What is strange. I have tried it on different computers where it works, but
doesn't work on the client computer.

Is there something I need to setup to support the '%0D%0A' character on the
clients computer ?
Or does somebody know a different character for making a new line?

Please, help me. I can't find anything I can do to fix it.

Thank you,

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