Try again. Post the exact error you're getting (what
you're getting is
most likely just a Warning) and a _FEW_ lines around
where the error is

The exact error is:

Notice: Undefined variable: Username on line 86

With the given error it mucks up my username/password
form by putting incorrect html values in and around
the form.  So when I try and submit it it goes to a
dead page that does not exist.  (but on the linux
server it works fine.

The source I get when I view source from the borwse

<Form Action="tiplogin.php" METHOD=POST><H2>User
Name</H2><Input TYPE="text" Name="Username" Value=<br
<b>Notice</b>:  Undefined variable:  Username on line
<b>86</b><br />
><BR><H2>Password</H2><Input TYPE="password"
Name="Password"><BR><Input Type="submit"
Value="Submit"><Input Type="hidden" Name="redirect"

and my core source for that error of the page is:

echo "<Form Action=\"tiplogin.php\" METHOD=POST>";
echo "<H2>User Name</H2>";
echo "<Input TYPE=\"text\" Name=\"Username\"
echo "<BR>";
echo "<H2>Password</H2>";
echo "<Input TYPE=\"password\" Name=\"Password\">";
echo "<BR>";
echo "<Input Type=\"submit\" Value=\"Submit\">";
echo "<Input Type=\"hidden\" Name=\"redirect\"
echo "</FORM>";

Maybe my php server side is not right or something,
any suggestions?


For the likely problem causing your "error" read the
manual page on
error reporting.

---John W. Holmes...

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