> I have used asp2php to convert an asp site and the update page does
> iterate the form contents.
> This part saves me making a giant form by making it dynamically-
> $dbrec=getrec($result);
> <form...
> while (list($k,$v)=each($dbrec)) {
>   echo "$k&nbsp;<input type='text' value='$v' name='$k'><BR>";
> <submit></form>...
> I've spent the day looking around the net and haven't found it.
> Mainly I don't know what to search for - mostly tried 'dynamic forms'
> google...
> Any help making update page iterate form contents and update db?
> I'd like to know a way to do it without an update statement- by
> that record, setting the
> fields then updating it. Do you know example of this?

So what _is_ the result? What do you expect/want it to look like? How
isn't it working? Are you sure $dbrec is an array with values in it?

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