My boss can't seem to login at all through his laptop to my website.

The login process is as follows: from the index.php the person login goes to 
handler/login.php which checks with the databae, if the user is authorized then put a 
session variable called "loginid" and redirect the website to a page "in.php" with a 
welcome  display.

The in.php checks whether the session "loginid" is empty or exists to identify whether 
the user has logged in.

It works fine in all the desktops in my office but one of my bosses tried to access it 
with his laptop and it keeps saying wrong password.

Our IE version and OS is the same. (XP and IE  7.10) 

Code for login 

$sql = "SELECT * from Login where loginname='$loginname' and 

  $result = mysql_query($sql);

   if ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($result))
     $_SESSION["loginid"] = $loginname;

My boss's problem is when he logged in the page got to in.php but in.php says he is 
not logged in yet. Which means he is authorized, but the session data could not be 
retrieved by in.php in his computer.

I checked and the cache timeout is 180 (default) cache limiter is empty and domain is 



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