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On 13 Jun,2003 at 10:26 David Shugarts wrote:

> PHP--I need the user to be able to input a time, then validate it as to
> whether it is complete (e.g., expresses AM or PM and evaluates correctly),
> then pass it into an INSERT statement into the time field of a database.

How about using a radio button for the AM / PM selection on the form? Then if its PM 
you can simply adjust the hour figure accordingly to convert to 24hr (add 12 or 
whatever) and then concatenate a string together for the INSERT, eg: HHMMSS.

Validating is just a matter of making sure the numbers are sane....a few if then's 
should do the trick.  Alternatively use select dropdowns on the form to only allow a 
user to choose a valid time.  Its up to them to get the RIGHT time, of course !!!  If 
you go the validation route I think I would probably use a little javascript snippet 
to validate the numbers before the form is submitted.  Personal preference really...

Does this help at all?

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