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For those who installed RH 8.0 and went threw the same php/mysql woes you
just have to go to

And install the 8.0.5 (psyche?) or 8.0.7 php-mysql rpm.
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On Sun, 15 Jun 2003 23:38:31 -0400, Jack Orenstein wrote:

>I need MySQL support from PHP to support the HORDE/IMP webmail
>I just installed RedHat 9, and this included PHP 4.2.2-17. According
>to the PHP test.php page, MySQL support was configured:
>     --with-mysql=shared,/usr
>However, later in the test.php page, there is no section on MySQL. 
>(Furthermore, the HORDE test.php says that PHP does not have
>MySQL support.)
>The MySQL version I'm using is 4.0.13-0. I realized that I needed
>php-mysql. Installing that binary rpm:
> is needed by php-mysql-4.2.2-17
>So I got MySQL-shared_4.0.13-0, matching the version number of my other
>MySQL RPMs. But that contains /usr/lib/, not the .10
>How can I get mysql support in php? I'm hoping to avoid ripping out
>mysql and php and building everything from source.
>Jack Orenstein
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