HI guys I have installed freetds and compiles php4 withmssql support. But when I ty 
to make a query from a web page it doest work , freetds is working fine cbecause I 
have tested it with tsql. 
My page looks like this: 

$numero= mssql_connect("" "sa" , " " ); 
echo ("ConnectID: $numero<br>\n"); 
$numero2= mssql_select_db ( northwind ,northwind) 

$result=mssql_query("select * from customers",$numero ); 
while ($row=mssql_fetch_array($result)) { 
echo ("$counter c1: $c1 c2: $c2<br>\n"); 

$result=mssql_query("INSERT into customers 



and I get this error 
Parse error: parse error in /usr/local/www/data.default/test.php on line 4. 

Any hints would be appreciated

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