Hello from North Central University in Minneapolis.

I have two forms. Both relate to required student ministry involvement
(students must be involved in four semesters of Christian ministry to

The first is a "credit registration" form which students fill out before
starting a ministry. The second is a "credit evaluation" form which students
fill out after their ministry is over.

Often, when students fill out the registration form, they don't have
accurate information regarding their ministry assignment. So the information
they enter into the evaluation form takes precedent in terms of accuracy.

I would like the data from the evaluation form to update the student's
record (for those fields which overlap).

What I don't want is the evaluation form to create a new record, because
then I would have two records for each student.

How do I: 1) check the table to see if the student's ID has already been
entered, then 2) update the fields in that record with the new data from the
evaluation form?

Thanks for your help.

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