In general, is it better to have MySQL select less using TIME_FORMAT than to have PHP crop the info?


At 09:50 PM 6/17/03 -0400, John W. Holmes wrote:
Lisi wrote:
If I have a time stored in MySQL, and I only need the hour and minutes without seconds:
1) Can I crop this in PHP after retrieving it?

Sure, just chop off the last : and what's after it if in HH:MM:SS format, or the last two numbers if in HHMMSS format.

2) Is there a way to store this without the seconds in MySQL?

Not really. You could use DATE_FORMAT or TIME_FORMAT to format the date/time without the seconds, though.

Same goes for storing a date without the year. I could use a regular char field, but I want to be able to retrieve a row that corresponds to the current month and day, currently I am doing this with
$month = date("n");
$day = date("d");
$query = "SELECT ... WHERE MONTH(date) = $month AND DAYOFMONTH = $day";
Is there a better way to do this without storing unnecessary data?

I don't think there's any way to not store the year. Just ignore it like you're doing.

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