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Hi all,
I´m starting with posgresql and i trying to use pg_last_oid to get the last id in a insert query, but this function returns me a big number like 21318 and bigger, but the table just have 3 or 4 records. Could some one help? Any ideas?
This is the script i´m using
$insert = "insert into test(name) values('myname')";
$test = pg_exec($insert);
echo $id = pg_last_oid($test);

Norma Ramirez

Try this:

"SELECT currval('" . $tablename . '_' . $columnname . "_seq') AS lastinsertid"

The pg_last_oid() is used to determine the unique address within the entire database of a particular entry, not within a particular table, which is why the number is so huge.

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