Am Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2003 20:07 schrieb Ruprecht Helms:
> Hi,
> under using Suse 8.2 I've the problem that the values of formfields will be
> put out or worked withit within a phpscript.
> The testscript with   phpinfo()   is working fine.
> What have I to set (in the php.ini) that php is handling the
> formfieldvalues properly?
Seems to be a little bit OT here.
Your question is not very precise, but I'll give it a try.
Depending on your form-method, you can request the values by accessing either 
$_GET['formfieldname'] or $_POST['formfieldname'] where formfieldname has to 
be replaced by the real names of the fields.
Hope that's it.


Thorsten Körner         http://www.123tkShop.org

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