I posted a few hours ago a problem I had with a login
function that loaded the form over and over again when
trying to login to my site off windows.  (locally)

I found out what the problem was and have fixed the
problem.  In the end it had nothing to do with my code
but rather incorrect configuration in my setup.

I thought it was a bit odd it would work on linux and
not a similar thing on windows.  Now I know why.

FYI information the problem was with register_globals
being off.  When I installed it had this off by
default so I needed to change it.  I thought it would
of been defaulted as On rather than Off so I never
considered that as a problem until just recently. :P

Anyways all is fixed now, very happy now.  Dispite
this has taken some time to work out.

Thanks for the help people have given me, despite most
of you thought it was my code rather than anything
else.  I did not think it would be my code that is why
I did not post in my first post.  (my code)

Anyways thanks again for being helpful.  I have learnt
from this experience. :)


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