> Warning: session_start() [ <http://www.php.net/function.session-start>
> function.session-start]:
> open(/tmp\sess_bf0c0a0a020087aa573e357a2553f828, O_RDWR) failed: No such
> file or directory (2) in C:\Program Files\Apache
> Group\Apache2\htdocs\MailOrderDynamic\c.php on line 6

The default session.save_path in php.ini is set to /tmp. It appears you're
on a windows machine and probably do not have a c:\tmp directory. Either
create one (if that's where you want to store your session files) or change
the path in php.ini to some other folder that exists. Ensure the Apache user
has permission to write to the folder you specify, also.

The other errors are caused by the output of your first error.

---John Holmes...

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