On Tuesday 24 June 2003 19:37, Daniel wrote:

> I'm wondering if there's an easy and non-system-demanding way to get data
> on an INSERTed row in PHP/MySQL?
> Specifically, I want the value of an auto-incremented primary key cell,
> "uid". I'm INSERTing a new person into a table, and need to return this
> value to a Javascript function that maintains an array of all persons in
> this table. I want to avoid a full SELECT query that would rebuild the
> array from scratch and put unnessecary load on the SQL server.
> I first thought of mysql_affected_rows, but as far as I can read, it only
> returns the value of rows affected, i.e. 1 on any INSERT statement
> executed?
> Any ideas?

Yeah, did it ever cross your mind to read the manual? 


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