may be missing the point.  but....

when you're brining down the page decide what records the user can and
can't delete and write javascript function(s) using php for the correct
scenario, I'd write a single js function that you'd pass one(many) PHP
variable(s) into, when building the page, after you have the db info and
let the JS decide what the function does, based on the variable passed.
Making PHP decide ALL of the Business logic and just passing command type
paramaters to JS.

hope this helps and i'm not just totaly off base.


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Hi All,

Trying to get my head around something and want to know if it's possible

Can PHP and Javascript interact to the point of PHP querying a DB to
find out what records are in use as a variable for another record and
then using JS to A) prevent the user from clicking a delete button; or
B) pop-up a notice telling the user they can delete that particular

Hope that makes sense.. any ideas?



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