I was running fine on RedHat 7.3 with a hand compiled version of PHP 4.2.3 with OCI8 connecting to an Oracle 9.2 database with Oracle 9.2 libraries.  Now, I am trying to move the RedHat 9.0, and I am trying to use the off-the-shelf RPMs for PHP.  First off, I am using PHP 4.2.2.  Since there does not appear to be an RPM for OCI8, so I built one using the 4.2.2 source code.  Now, when I run a simple PHP script which simply logs onto the database, everything works fine, but PHP gets a segmentation violation upon exiting the script.  I tried to debug the problem by modifying the oci8.c code, but everything in there seems to work fine.  We get all the way through php_mshutdown_oci cleanly, so I guess the problem lies in the higher levels of invocation.

Has anyone seen this problem?

Any help would be most gratefully received.

'The weak will go'  --  Gerard Houiller, OBE

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