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Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 04:03:53 +0800 
Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] md5 question! 

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On Tuesday 24 June 2003 22:36, Peter Beckman wrote:
> Most sites save/allow an 8 character password. 
alphanumerics and
> underscore, period and pound (_, ., #), that is
39^8, or 
> or about 5 trillion possible passwords.  If you
allow more than 8
> characters, that number increases.

If you're using md5 then there is no inherent
restriction on what 
and number of characters that can be used in the
password. The 
are in the user, they'll probably use their phone
number, DOB, dog's 
name -- 
anything that's easy to remember ;-)


Okay with the followup above is there a way to handle
a database table that will only allow certain
characters for a password?  (e.g. Only letters and
numbers and not _';:)(*&^%$# etc...)  

I guess a easy managment way to do it is either via
the PHP code or via JavaScript.  Maybe more
professional would be in the PHP code.  Maybe the 'if'
statement would be ideal?  Any suggestions?

Also while on php talk how do I make a java popup
message appear in a PHP code?  Is there a way to do
this, alert?  There are many ways to do it im
Javascript but was wondering if PHP had a way to do it
in the PHP code itself.  (hidden away if possible)

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