And what about recommending PHP/MySQL as a preferred dev environment? I am
curently in the process of several recommendations and wondering if I
shouldn't hold off for a while. Maybe its time to bite the bullet and move
to PHP/Postgres. Will anything remain "free"....
Greg Reeves

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From: Ben Lake [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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Subject: [PHP-DB] No MySQL Support in PHP5 - Uh oh!

Howdy All,

Anyone have an input on the recent announcement that about MySQL
libraries not being present in PHP 5. What other means might be
available to connect to MySQL?

I took a look at the MySQL license, and I am assuming it was the change
to the "MySQL drivers" needing a commercial license to be used that is
causing all of the fuss?

Correct me if I'm wrong, just trying to figure out what's going to
happen to some legacy stuff when 5 hits the fan!


Ben Lake

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