On Tuesday 01 July 2003 19:46, Lester Caine wrote:
> > WTF does "To unsubscribe, visit: http://www.php.net/unsub.php"; at the
> > bottom of every e-mail mean to you idgit?
> The problem seems to be deciding WHAT to use as an eMail
> address, it may be case sensitive, so that PHP-DB- does not
> work, but php-db- does.
> Don't you love standardisation ;) Just like remembering WHAT
> button to use for each list to reply to the list :)

Maybe if people were charged a 5000 GBP deposit when they subscribe, which 
would only be returnable when they could produce their "welcome to the list" 
message, then they would take more care of that message and may even actually 
read it for the useful info that it contains (like how to unsubscribe).

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