You might also want to take a look at PEAR Auth


Hutchins, Richard wrote:


Read through this thread:

Since you are using a login/logout system, you may be able to use some of
the suggestions in here to solve your problem.


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PHP is server-side, not client side.
That said, what you could do is simply make use of window.onunload or window.onclose in javascript to bring up a second window/page..
of course, anyone with half a brain and a popup-stopper won't get that page :)


Jamie Saunders wrote:


I'm trying to figure out a way of detecting when a user

closes the browser,

or if they leave the site. If they do this I'd like to

change a value in

the database, i.e:

if (browser is closed by user or they leave site)
// run php code to update database

Any help much appreciated.

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