What is the difference between sqlite_udf_encode_binary and sqlite_escape_string ?

Is sqlite_escape_string the same as sqlite_udf_encode_binary, except that 
sqlite_escape_string is also doubling up single-quote characters (') ?

Is this because a User Defined Function (UDF) automatically doubles up single-quote 
characters in the case of a INSERT statement and so sqlite_escape_string can't be used 
in combination with a UDF? (The use of sqlite_escape_string on strings returned from 
UDF's will lead to double-quoting of the data?)

I also have another, related question: Suppose I have a string of which I know it 
doesn't contain binary-unsafe characters, but does contain single-quote characters. If 
I escape this string with sqlite_escape_string and INSERT this string in the database, 
do I have to decode the data with sqlite_udf_decode_binary when I SELECT this data 
from the database?

Thanks in advance for the answers.
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