I have 3 tables:

1. school (sID, school_name)
2. highlights (hID,highlight)
3. school_highlight_details (dID,sid,hid).

I have set up a search to allow the user to submit a school name OR highlights(highlights is set up in an array of checkboxes), and then displaying any school name that fullfill the requirements.

What I need to do now is set up an array to search for a school name AND highlights. If a person types in a name (or just one letter from a name, like 'm') AND they check off a couple of highlights checkboxes(ex: Sports and Graduation), a query should return the results of any school name starting with 'm' that has the highlights of 'Sports' and 'Graduation'.

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If you need more information, let me know.

Thank you,

Jason Givhan

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