OK, I solved it.

It seems that I **HAVE TO**, **MUST**, **NO CHOICE** place my php.ini in
C:\WINNT (for NT and 2k) or PHP will not find it. This is a hardcoded path
done at compile time.

So, since no ini file, PHP was running on default values, thus it could not
find DB.php since the default path there was 'C:\php4\pears'

So, I copied my php.ini file to C:\winnt, renamed the added php4 to php4x
(just to hide it to see if this would work), restarted my Apache (since the
docs tell me that the PHP process that runs with Apache reads this file once
at Apache startup) and I ran my script.

It now works.

Just thought I'd share to the next stubborn person finds this solution.


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