Does the ip address of where you are trying to access the mysql database from (client), change? If you have a dynamic ip address
your ISP should have a grant something to the effect of:

grant all on database.* to [EMAIL PROTECTED] identified by 'password';

This would allow your client to be any address on the 10.1.X.X network. You can just grant access to the database to [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you want that user to be able to access the database from any ip address. This might have some security implications for you, if it's wide open on the Internet. That's the only reason I can think for intermittent problems.


Phil Dowson wrote:


PHP Version 4.3.1
Mysql Version 4.0.13

When I try and run the following query


on each database, the first one will run it with no problems at all. The
second returns the error:

[server] ERROR 1044: Access denied for user: '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' to database

I have tried running the same query from MySQL at my site, from via the PHP
interface I am working with and also via PHPMyAdmin, each returns the same

One thing I should note. The CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE syntax does not work,
however if I were to use the CREATE TABLE syntax, it works fine. But I'd
rather use the TEMPORARY tables.

This problem appears to be intermittent, it will work fine for a few days,
then fail for an undetermined amount of time. I have checked with my ISP,
they are sure that the rights haven't changed, and I have CREATE TEMPORARY
TABLE rights.

Any ideas why this is intermittent?

Thanks for your help!

Phil Dowson

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