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On Saturday 05 July 2003 05:28 pm, Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:
> Hello,
> I installed PHP-4.3.2 with oci8 and oracle support (using --with-oci8
> --with-oracle).
> I recompile apache-1.3.27 to use the libpthread as mentioned here:
> http://ww.php.net/oci8
> Now, I got crashes when using oracle with php. In my apache error logs, I
> get:
> [Sat Jul  5 17:24:28 2003] [notice] child pid 17496 exit signal
> Segmentation fault (11)
> [Sat Jul  5 17:24:29 2003] [notice] child pid 17558 exit signal
> Segmentation fault (11)
> and the application would just do nothing (I tried reload, submit, etc).
> if this happens, the only way I can fix it is by restarting apache. Could
> anyone give me pointer what's going on here  and how to fix it?
> In case this matters, the Oracle 9i DB server is also in the same box.
> Somehow it has it's own Apache, but I don't use that.
> Thanks for any help.

Replying to mysef:

Seems that I narrow this problem down to the OCI8 extension. Using the same 
database and configuration and all, I recompile PHP with the extension 
--with-oracle, and instead using OCI8 functions, I use the oracle functions 
analogous to the oci8.

And so far it has not crashed yet. Is there a known problem with OCI8 with the 
most recent PHP distribution ?

Next, I think I am going to try using older PHP versions. I have used PHP with 
OCI8 before with older release (although I was not the one who compiled it), 
so this is really puzzling and frustrating to me.

Thanks for any suggestions

Reuben D. Budiardja

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