Hi Robin,

I think you are not using DISTINCT correctly ... try SELECT DISTINCT
whatever instead of the ()s.  Also, the use of * and DISTINCT together
really makes no sense ... in the SQL, you are saying select only one record,
then select everything, which are opposites.

Don't mean to be rude, but I recommend picking up a good book on database
theory. :)

Matthew Moldvan
System Administrator
Trilogy International, Inc.

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Good morning!!

I'm trying to select 1 and only one record from each user based on the last
date from a transaction file. This is what I'm using and it's not even
close. It seems DISTINCT does not work!!

SELECT DISCTINCT(transaction_user_id), MAX(transaction_date), * FROM

Could some kind soul help me figure this one out??

Robin E. Kopetzky
Black Mesa Computers/Internet Services

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