i think it's a usual transactionnal problem
i dont know what is your SQL update , but mostly the problem is there

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De : Krueger, Philipp [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Envoyé : mardi 8 juillet 2003 09:13
Objet : [PHP-DB] OCIExecute very slow when Updating rows

hi there!

sorry for bothering but i can't help myself anymore. i've written a small
hardware-database for my company with a webinterfaced based upon php. now:
everything works just fine - selects, inserts - everything works except for
the damn updates! 

### CODE ###

        $stmt = OCIParse($con,$query);
        if(!$stmt){$error=$con? OCIError($con):OCIError();echo "Error:
$error[code] $error[message]<br>";}
                $error = OCIError($stmt);
                if ($error['code']){print "Fehler:


i'm 100% sure everything is correct since sometimes the update DOES work - i
think it doesn't work anymore when there is the slightest activity on the
oracle-server (it's an  double cpu PowerPC RS64-IV running AIX Version 4.3
and Oracle the server is BORED all the time but still the script is
not working... the script just times out 99 times and then for once it works
the command which causes this delay is
"OCIExecute($stmt,OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS);". i tried to change the code to

### CODE ###



but it still wouldn't work - when i comment OCIExecute out the script works
again - which is out of question of course since i need the damn script to
when i take the query and paste it in sqlplus to execute it manually
everything goes as planned. i'm beginning to get desperate here... any ideas
why it won't work?

hope anybody can help

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