Create a create_date table with one record, one or two fields, and put the
last refreshed time/date in it. If that's expired, refresh

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> Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2003 10:52 AM
> Subject: [PHP-DB] HEAP table
> I have a query that I would have liked to cache, but as it uses 
> UNIX_TIMESTAMP and has a user variable in it, where cacheing 
> won't work, I 
> looked around for another way to do it (it is used to create 
> a smallish < 
> 50 records table on each web page, so any speed increase is 
> worthwhile).
> I decided to go for the creation of a HEAP table, so that 
> anyone accessing 
> the site would automatically access it. The existence of the table is 
> tested for before initial creation by running a select against it and 
> testing the $result variable.
> This works, as far as it goes, but it will require occasional 
> updating. 
> And that's where I've come unstuck. How can I test for the 
> time/date of 
> the HEAP table's creation? If I can find that, then I can set 
> a seconds 
> value past which it should be dropped and recreated.
> Any ideas?
> Using MySQL 5.0.13, php 4.3.2 (on Windows XP), Apache 1.3 
> whatever. This 
> also has to work on the website proper, using 5.0.13/4.3.1 and IIS5.
> Terry Riley
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