Jadiel Flores wrote:
Hi all, I really need your help asap, I have to change a website from mysql to postgres but this site is in spanish and Postgres is returning the error:

PostgreSQL said: ERROR: Unicode >= 0x10000 is not supoorted

This is everytime I try to insert the characters , , , etc.

Do I need a special config for postgres?? can I solve it with php??
Your database is encoded in unicode, so you must use utf8_encode() when you insert data in the database and utf8_decode() when you want to display them.

What I do, and seems to work fine, is encoding the whole query like this:

$sQry = "INSERT INTO table (iid, sdata) VALUES (1, 'string with , , , etc');";
pg_query($conn, utf8_encode($sQry));


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