I know exactly what the problem is!!! But... I don't know where it is at :-(

I experienced this problem when I installed it on an IIS4 machine and found that somewhere in the authentication file it detetcts whether it is IIS or Apache and it has an if() {} and then an elseif() {} with no else. The IIS function picks up if it is 5 or greater. Thus IIS 4 doesn't get caught. It was really wierd. I think I even sent a bug report in on ir, they must not have fixed it. Anyhow, what you're going to need to do is to dig into the phpMyAdmin function and look for if statements with regular expressions searcing for IIS in a string. When you do that eventually you'll find what you need. Basically the problem is caused by poor programming in phpMyAdmin which does not account for ALL web servers.

Tip for future programmers. If you have an if and an elseif you really need to finish with an else, otherwise you generally leave yourself open to bugs and problems.

Hope that helped somehow.

- Stan

. Ma wrote:

i have mysql 3.23.38 running on a IIS4 and php 4.3.2
i used phpmyadmin 2.3.2 with cookie authentication and everything worked well. until i wanted to upgrade phpmyadmin to 2.5.1 (last stable release).
i configured everything inside config.inc.php (added a controluser, etc) but now i cannot login anymore by cookie-authenticaion. i do not even get a "wrong password or username"-error
the phpmyadmin-faq contains this question:

[1.3] I'm running phpMyAdmin with "cookie" authentication mode under PHP 4.2.0 or 4.2.1 loaded as an Apache 2+ module but can't enter the script: I'm always displayed the login screen.
This is a known PHP bug (see this bug report) from the official PHP bug database. It means there is and won't be any phpMyAdmin fix against it because there is no way to code a fix.

is this the same for php 4.3.2 and IIS4 ?

thx in advance .ma

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