Session problem.

I am getting a weird session problem in my site.

Background of the Problem:
My site use sessions for user authentication. Site has a Admin Panel where
admin can search users and then through a link

(which has login and password appended) login as user.

On login as user, session var changes to the new user vars, like user id
etc. So, if some one try to access any thing on

admin panel, they get error which is quite evident why is that happened. The
login user is not a admin any more, its a normal

user with no privilege.

I came to a conclusion that if I spawn new browser window it takes old
session. After trying for hours, I was able to solve

this. I started a new session when I login as user by setting session name
and storing the other vars. This way I can start

the session as needed.

After solving this problem I thought I am done. But some thing really weird
popped up. The links on the page, like "My

Account", "Change Password" goes to admin when I click them. This looks like
on clicking the link, Old admin session becoming

active and showing the page as a admin. I have no idea why is that
happening. I have searched goggle but no result.

Is it a browser issue, or php issue, or I am doing something wrong.

* I have compiled PHP with trans-sid option.
** I store session in my sql database. I can see the user session active.

Ideal Solution:-)

When I search the user and login as user. Both admin and user session remain
alive and I can work on both windows seamlessly.

Can Any one point me in the right direction.


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