yes, by adding stripslashes it will somewhat escape those quotes ('), but when displaying the results there will not be any need to do so. unless it is your wish to actually store the backslash into the db.

Jerry wrote:

I think you should use addslashes to store the text in the database and
then stripslashes when displaying the text.  I think that should work,
but I'm new to PHP so I might be wrong.


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Hi there everyone,

I am having alittle problem.  I am calling some text that has a ' in it
in the DB, but when it is being displayed on the screen the ' becomes a
? any ideas?  I'm displaying just with a <?=$ctitle?> and everything
works great except that.  I just read about addslashes and stripslashes
etc ..... but not sure if that's relevant to this being that the data in
the DB has a single ' already there.

Anyway help would be appreciated :-)



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