On Sunday 13 July 2003 06:17, Andres wrote:

> I have a MySQL database full with authors and titles. I made a script that
> searchs a specific author and return the all his books titles, but I need
> it show the results from 10 to 10. I tried with LIMIT and it return just
> fine the first 10 but when I click the next 10 button it show me other 10
> registers but from all the database not from the author selection I
> choosed. So I think it only reads the variable I send from the form once,
> the second time it seems not to read the author I want to find.  

That's right, $buscar needs to be passed onto the subsequent requests through 
your 'previous' and 'next' links:


> //previous link
> $total_pages = ceil($total_results / $max_results);
> if ($page > 1){
>  $prev = ($page - 1);
>  echo "<a
> href=\"".$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?page=$prev\"><<Previous</a>&nbsp;";
> }


NB you may want to urlencode() $buscar as well.

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